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Here at nojeet.eth, we're not just another cryptocurrency project – we're architects of change, pioneers of a trading revolution that transcends profit margins. Our story began with a simple question: What if the crypto community could stand united against the tide of opportunistic selling, where quick gains come at the expense of trust and integrity? We're not here to just mint tokens; we're crafting a movement. In a landscape often clouded by chaos, we rise as a beacon of clarity, a guiding light that empowers you to make decisions that resonate with your ethics and aspirations.

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No Jeets


Jeet Detector Bot and Analyser

Our cutting-edge AI-powered bot doesn't just track transactions; it detects the intentions behind them. By analyzing patterns and behaviors, it identifies potential instances of excessive selling and alerts users to take more thoughtful actions.

Transparent Tokenomics

Transparency is the cornerstone of nojeet.eth. Our tokenomics are publicly available, detailing token distribution, utility, and how we're reinvesting in the community's growth for the long term.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

We're committed to creating a safe space for ethical traders. Our zero-tolerance policy against manipulative behaviors ensures that the community remains focused on shared values.

Impact Metrics

Track the positive impact you're making as part of the nojeet.eth community. Our impact metrics showcase the reduction in excessive selling behaviors over time, quantifying the change you're driving.

Foundation and Preparation

Phase 1
  • Concept Refinement
  • Team Expansion
  • Tokenomics Design
  • Website Launch
  • Social Media Setup


Phase 2
  • Bot Development
  • Community Building
  • Influencer Partnerships
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Banner Ads


Phase 3
  • Token Listing
  • Educational Content
  • Community Governance
  • Partnership Development
  • 1000+ Holders


Phase 4
  • Bot Optimization
  • Impact Metrics
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Ecosystem Growth
  • Global Expansion
Innovating Trading with

Jeet Detector Bot and Analyser

The Jeet Detector Bot is not your ordinary trading tool; it's a guardian of integrity. Developed using advanced AI algorithms, this bot has been meticulously crafted to do more than just scan blockchain transactions. It actively analyzes trading patterns and behaviors, identifying instances where opportunistic selling, known as "jeeting," may be taking place.

Behavioral Analysis
Pattern Recognition

How To Buy

Step 1

Download & setup MetaMask or TrustWallet

Step 2

Buy & send ETH to Metamask or Trust wallet

Step 3

Head over to Uniswap to buy nojeet.eth

Step 4

View NoJeets in your wallet and lastly HODL